The Comfort of Life 

The cotton strands of time are

Hard to weave

The days fall

Like autumn leaves

Sense of the present is  

Hard to receive

The comfort of life  

Hard to achieve

Blowing away

The past in the breeze

Blown away

The future

Hard to perceive

Blown away

Too late to retrieve

Never to be seen 


James Sinclair 1990

In the 1990's this poem was performed by a London Canada band named Borrowed Tyme. The song was recorded on a compilation cd Electrolux produced by Jeff Roach.

Madness Presents Itself   1997 Publication

Peter Thabit Jones 

​The Seventh Quarry Swansea Poetry Magazine aims to publish quality poems from around the world.

​James has written philosophic poems through out his life. He is inspired by love, nature, and the Now. In 1997 his poem titled Madness Presents Itself was published in The Prairie Journal of Canadian Literature Issue Number 31.  After this publication James did not submit anymore of his writing until late in 2016 when his poet friend Stephen Lloyd inspired him to do so. James sent Like Snowflakes and a few other poems to Americymru/West Coast Eisteddfod On-line Poetry Competition (English Language) 2016  The winner would receive a 20 page publication in The Seventh Quarry Poetry Magazine. Although James did not win, he did receive an honorable mention from the contest judge and world renowned writer Peter Thabit Jones  

​​Like Snowflakes

Like snowflakes

Into a labyrinth

Of white



My soul beneath

The blanket


All is one

All is all

And everything

That I never knew 

Is gone

Sunlight shines like 

Diamonds in the snow

The sound of the now

Begins to flow

After an arroyo forms for

The memories to go

No longer frozen

The past is a pawn

And everything 

That I never had

Is gone

The starry night

Diamond patterns high

Stars disappear

Into dawn

From the 

Black silken sky

Cloaked by the now

As it softly unfolds

The giant shadow 

That leads me


And everything

That I never was

Is gone.

James Sinclair 2016